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CES 2016: Upgrade your kitchen with these three devices by Smarter

British-startup Smarter is all set to bring an embodiment of technology and smartness in your kitchen by unveiling its three new smart home devices at CES 2016. Designed keeping technological advancements in mind, the startup has already released its innovative appliances including a smart teakettle and connected coffeemaker.

Fabricated to work with your existing appliances, inventive three devices come with connected home protocols specially programmed to iPhones and iPads. So without wasting much time, let us have a look at them.

Smarter Mat

Exhibited at CES 2016, the Smarter Mat is designed to be placed in the kitchen cupboards, fridge and worktops depending on where the food is stored. Fabricated to give real time readings of how much food is consumed or left in the bag, weight sensors inside the mat work like eye and ear of the kitchen. Coming with dedicated mobile application, users can monitor number of items placed on cupboard shelf. If Mat senses the food is low, it sends an alert to the app via Wi-Fi or 3G. It can also suggest recipes and redesign the shopping list depending on stock levels. Pricing is yet to be finalized, but is expected to cost around $80 and can go up to $100 (depending on the size).

Smarter Mat By Smarter

Smarter Mat measures product placed on mat

Smarter Mat By Smarter

Works with existing appliances

Smarter Mat By Smarter

Available in different sizes

Smarter Fridge Cam

Specially designed for fridge, the Smarter Fridge Cam gives live footages of the fridge. Provided with a suction mount in the back, one can easily access the fridge with the help of mobile application while shopping. It also offers live updates of items running short in fridge. Expected to be priced at $100, the fridge cam will help people manage their leftovers more smartly.

Smarter Fridge Cam

Smarter Fridge Cam takes photo of stuff inside the fridge

Smarter Fridge Cam

Comes with suction mount

Smarter Fridge Cam

Can be accessed by user through a dedicated mobile app

Smarter Detect

To help users complete their kitchen chores more accurately and efficiently, another home improvement gadget by British startup is Smarter Detect. The wireless device that contains a microphone, and mounts on the wall is designed to send alerts onto user’s device via a dedicated app. So if the oven is turned off or the washing machine cycle has ended, it will buzz an alarm to alert users for necessary action. It also reminds users when freezer door is open to help prevent food spoilage. It is also expected to be priced at $100.

Smarter Detect

Smarter Detect listens out for alarm

Smarter Detect

Sends notification to user’s smartphone via a dedicated app

All three kitchen devices are planned to be sold via Apple, Amazon, Smarter and other retailers. Devised to work with devices running iOS and Android, the company plans to offer efficient use of kitchen items, thus saving money and natural resources.
Via: Cnet

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