CES 2017: August smart locks integrated with mortise-style deadbolts

At CES 2017, August announced its new Smart Locks that comes integrated with Logitech POP Switch, providing support for mortise-style deadbolts. Mortise locks have locking bolt functionality in a door’s handle, and these are typically used in multi-unit apartment buildings.

With new August Smart Lock Mortise Kit, building managers will be able to install smart locks in their properties and control access to the building, as well as individual units from their August smartphone app. The users can easily lock/unlock these new August smart locks from the companion Android and iOS app, with a Siri command or via Logitech’s Pop Home Switch.

Powered by AA batteries and available in different colors, the August Smart Lock Mortise Kit comes with a mounting plate and an adapter for use with selected mortise lock manufacturers. The mortise kit will be available only for locksmiths, property developers and other professional dealers – as these locks are usually required for on commercial buildings and other multi-unit properties. Therefore, these are considered more difficult to install than the single-cylinder variety.

This new system is meant to be installed on the inside of the door, which means all of the outward-facing fixtures will remain unchanged. So, the users can even use a traditional key for entry, if desired. Priced at $100, the mortise kit will be available for building managers and this amount will be added to the base price of August Smart Lock, which costs $229.

Via: 9to5Mac

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