CES 2017: Chargeworx portable battery system for homes

CES 2017: Chargeworx unveils Home range of portable battery systems

All the digital accessories and things you own look worthy till they are seamlessly performing their intended function, but when power is gone or battery is drained, everything feels useless. It could be a TV, fridge, camera, Bluetooth speaker, portable lamp or a smartphone that might be your best companion only if it has enough battery for watching your favorite shows, videos and other content. This is the time when portable battery and power banks come into the picture.

If you are looking for a handy power backup system with quick recharge feature then, Chargeworx, a subsidiary of Fesco Group has designed one just for you. The USA-based company has showcased its latest Home range of portable batteries at CES 2017 which includes the CX6622-CM/BK model which is a well of power that has three power output options for easing users.

You can connect your home appliances and other electronics devices using built-in DC ports, USB ports, and standard wall outlets in the lightweight battery system. It can be charged either through SolarWorx or main power supply. Once you have charged this high-power backup system, you can run a laptop computer for up to 12 hours, desktop for five hours; 32” LCD TV or refrigerator for 12 hours, charge a smartphone 60 times or a tablet for 12 times.

Available in black or camouflage color options, it can be purchased for $799.     

Via: PRNewsire

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