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CES 2017: Panasonic and IBM introduces digital concierge service for hospitality sector

CES 2017: Panasonic introduces IBM Watson-powered digital concierge service for hospitality sector

Consumer electronics company Panasonic has teamed up with IBM for designing a mirror with digital concierge feature to ease travelers and hoteliers. Panasonic’s Digital Concierge is integrated with IBM Watson and cloud services for making a digital mirror that benefits customers by providing requisite information about hotels with simple voice commands. It functions as an innovative digital solution for customers in the hospitality sector. In this huge digital world, people want everything voice-activated or on their fingertips, and this smart mirror with voice-activated features is a futuristic concept for the industry.

This Panasonic smart mirror concierge comes with an interactive screen, while it also responds to voice commands. The hotel providing such easy-to-handle hosting solutions will surely make a deep impact on its customers. If you get information about a hotel, its services, transportation, shopping entertainment, and other issues related to your stay easily by talking to a mirror, then you can make a clear mindset about the hotel services.

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You can also use it to get real time updates on weather, place food orders and set other room preferences. This seems an interesting concept for easing travelers and modernizing the hospitality sector. The digital mirror is on display at the Panasonic booth at CES and IBM’s Client Center at the Venetian Hotel.

Via: IBM

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