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LifeDoor Automatically Closes Doors to Limit Spread of Fire

It’s not a weird fact that most of the fire related deaths throughout the world are caused by smoke inhalation. A closed door can prevent spread of smoke and fire, providing you more time to escape a fire. But one can’t even think about it in case of a fire breakout. A US-based startup has developed an innovative residential fire safety device to exploit this very idea. Dubbed LifeDoor, it is a square-shaped device that pairs with existing smoke detectors at your home, and can automatically close interior doors in the event of a fire. It is made by Joel Sellinger a firefighter at Everett, WA in collaboration with Ben Docksteader.

The LifeDoor connects to hinges of a door without affecting their functionality. As it detects a smoke alarm, the door gets automatically closed to limit reach of the fire. It even illuminates the space and triggers a secondary alarm that can help kids to get up in case of fire. There is an built-in 9V battery and also a light ring for visual alerts. So, if you forgot to close the door, or you have a habit of sleeping in a room with door open, then this fire safety accessory can be helpful in the unexpected event of fire.

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It seems to be a great idea to utilize modern technology to create a residential fire safety device that can lower the chances of damages from a fire breakout. The LifeDoor was recently showcased at CES 2018, and according to CNet, it will cost just US$120, when it hits the market.

LifeDoor a fire safety device

Image: LifeDoor

Image: LifeDoor

LifeDoor a fire safety device

Image: LifeDoor

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