CES 2018: Mitte’s Smart Water Purifier Serves You Personalized Mineral Water

Did you know that we spend millions on bottled water each year? Our obsession to have a healthy life majorly revolves around safe drinking water, as it is an essential source of minerals for the human body. For Mitte la Berlinoise (Berlin Brewery based in Germany), drinking water is not about quenching thirst, but also the intake of minerals which are essential for the body. And, for that very reason, Mitte has created a first of its kind smart water purifier that not just gives pure drinking water, but also enriches your body with essential minerals. The device showcased by the German start-up, meekly caught everyone’s attention at CES 2018.

Transforming the way we drink water, Mitte’s successful Indiegogo campaign for their in-home water filtration, promises a natural drinking water, enhanced with vital minerals. The energy–efficient smart water purifier, extracts water through a seamless procedure, stimulated by the natural water cycle. While it removes harmful minerals from the water, you can customize the water filter, and get pure water as per your lifestyle. This exquisite feature in Mitte’s water purifier defies all the odds of having water as per our taste, lifestyle and health.

How it works?

Mitte’s USP lies in its two easy steps:

  • Proprietary distillation technology, which is inspired from innate water cycle to get rid of impurities, which effectively extracts pollutants present in the tap water. The smart filter eliminates contaminants like: bacteria, viruses, organic and inorganic compounds, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, hormones, and many more that are harmful to our body.
  • Successfully adding minerals to enhance the distillation of water, making it safe for drinking.

Features of Matte’s smart water purifier include:

  • 60 X cleaner water than simple filtration, and 5 X cleaner than reverse osmosis systems, leaving no room for the bacteria to re-enter the machine.
  • The filter has error-free mechanisms that ensure the seamless performance of the smart water filter. So, just in case one membrane in the water system is damaged, Mitte’s keep an eye on the quality of the water that it produces via built-in sensors, and does not allow any kind of water output from it to ensure safe drinking.
  • The best part of the Mitte machine is that you can connect it with its smartphone mobile app, and enhance your user experience while gaining insights on your daily water drinking habits. It enables you to dispense water with precise water temperature and amount- get concurrent information on water quality and its machine usage- monitor mineral cartridge levels and cartridge ordering.
  • Matte’s smart water dispenser is energy-efficient, due to its augmented water purification technology.
  • One of the unique features is the different mineral cartridge options available in the filter. The changing levels of different minerals helps you pick the best cartridge for your needs and lifestyle.

Personalized patent-pending mineral cartridges come in three varieties:

  • Mitte Balance: A soft water with a balanced neutral taste and zero sodium. It has calcium, magnesium and potassium as its important minerals. The water pH is 7-7.5. So, you can use it for tea, coffee, and even for baby food preparation.
  • Mitte Vitality: A crunchy drinking water having high mineral content and complex flavor profile. It incorporates minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium, and traces minerals like iron, selenium and zinc. The water pH level is 7-8, which is totally apt for improved physical and mental performance.
  • Mitte Alkaline: A high-PH level of 8.5-9, this water cartridge is rich in minerals and antioxidants. It helps combating acidity and fights free radicals in the body. A good source to ease intense physical activities, leading to increased energy levels and better health.

So, working for over for 18 months consistently, they successfully formed a connected eco-system, having hardware, smartphone app, mineral cartridges, and cloud back-end. Matte’s successfully raised a total of $357652.85 USD (Euros 293,086) in 2017 through Indiegogo, and is ready for their full production.

Mitte will release the smart water filter in March 2018, followed by delivery of Indiegogo orders in June 2018.

The team envisions to provide clean and healthy water to millions of people around the globe.

Image: Mitte

Image: Mitte

Image: GadgetFlow

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