ChairPF by Daniel Dieremeir

ChairPF is Novel Furniture With Multiple Applications Yet Dubious Design

I am not a basher of design and the prime reason for that is, I don’t hold expertise or degree in the subject. But, what I am is a user and a keen observer. Time and again every hunky-dory chair, table, or stool we come by makes me ponder, do we really need it? ChairPF here is one such piece of furniture that has kept me muddled for a while.

Its website hails it as ‘A chair that is more than a chair’ but it looks like a molded wooden piece. I am not being harsh, but speaking from a user’s perspective, I think it’s something that I’ll buy as a table to keep magazines or for décor but definitely not to use as a chair.

Designed by Daniel Dieremeir, the furniture allows multiple applications. Open for user interpretation, the furniture can be used as a desk or a table and even a chair, though I am not a fan of it being used as a chair. Ideal for seating and keeping a laptop or books, the ChairPF can be repositioned in many ways.

It also offers a classic seating position where it is erected vertically on its base. Other than that, the chair can be placed in a horizontal manner offering curvy storage for books and magazines. In addition, this furniture piece also serves as a standing desk. And if you are a little more creative, just turn the chair upside down on its back. It comes with a removable cushion that you can place wherever you want.

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Made of wood veneer, the chair allows frequent change in position and lets you focus on your tasks. I started off being a disparager of ChairPF. I am still rooted in my thought, but I believe the design has a lot more potential than I can fathom.

ChairPF by Daniel Dieremeir_1

Image: Diermeier

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Image: Diermeier

ChairPF by Daniel Dieremeir_5

Image: Diermeier

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Image: Diermeier

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