Fassbank by WandelWerk

Check Out This Cool Looking Upcycled Oil Drum Bench

Giving a new life to an old oil drum requires creative skills. They are bulky, mostly rusted and are just awful looking. However, with a little bit of imagination and inspiration they can be upcycled into patio furniture, nightstands coffee tables and many other amazing furniture pieces, which are not only aesthetic looking but functional too.

These days’ most designers’ and DIY enthusiasts are paying a lot of attention towards these ugly looking old oil drums and are keen enough to create upcycled designs from them. We have come across a lot of upcycled oil drum furniture for quite some time now, and this one also impresses us.

Following the same track, one such designer named Schafer (founder of WandelWerk design studio in Stuttgart, Germany) has once again proved that these old barrels can be by upcycled into a cool looking bench called Fassbank.

Fassbank is a €390 (approx. $415 USD) goodness that deploys an old metal barrel with a wooden base and cord fabric cover for a sturdy and rustic piece of seating furniture. The throwaway oil drum is cut open right from the middle into two parts and all rough edges are smoothened by trimming.

Part of the drum that forms the seating is fully furnished and placed on the wooden stand, which is crafted in an arch-shape to seamlessly house the drum. The cushioning of this bench is made from a corduroy to comfort you for extended hours of seating. The seat is attached to the drum with attractive brass screws to give it a classy look.

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This DIY project might look difficult to you, however, it’s very simple and with little gusto, even you can make one for yourself or for your loved ones. What’s more interesting, while one part of the oil drum is being used to make a bench the other one doesn’t go to waste.

You can also apply your creative instinct and make something as interesting and useful out of it, like Fassbank.

Fassbank by WandelWerk

Brass screws for a classy look of the chic oil drum furniture 

Fassbank by WandelWerk

Cushioning made from a corduroy

Fassbank by WandelWerk

Wooden arch-shape stand seamlessly house the drum

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