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Cheese Please

Cheese Please is a new way to grate crumb-free cheese

The cowbell-shaped cheese grater from Alessi pays beautiful homage to the producers of delicious cheeses. Designed by Lorenza Bozzoli and Gabriele Chiave, the eye-catching Cheese Please cheese grater is a functional kitchenware that is easy to handle.

Made from stainless steel the grater is provided with circular holes that are surrounded by tiny teeth. Whether you move cheese vertically or horizontally, every time you will get perfectly grated, crumb-free cheese. And thanks to its funnel-shaped, narrow mouth outlet, the grated cheese falls down straight onto the plate.

Cheese Please is a functional work of art achieved through the cold working of metals, a tradition that is kept alive by the skilled workers at Alessi. The 10 x 6 x 16 cm cheese grater is ideal for grating mature varieties of cheese like parmesan and pecorino. So, if you want to enjoy the freshly grated cheese, Cheese Please is available online and costs €44 (approx. $50).

Cheese Please

Cowbell-shaped stainless steel cheese grater

Cheese Please

Funnel-shaped outlet helps grated cheese to fall straight onto the plate


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