Chiaro di Luna’s Candela 2.0 Replaces Traditional Candles

Chiaro di Luna’s Candela 2.0 Lamp Will Replace the Traditional Candle

Italy-based Chiaro di Luna Design is known for its handcrafted cordless rechargeable lamps that are a mixture of technology and craftsmanship. Candela 2.0 is one of its coolest portable lamp designs that resembles and functions like a traditional candle. It a thin decorative LED table lamp made in aluminum featuring rechargeable battery is designed to replace candles at home or in the outdoors.

Billed as the candle of the third millennium, the Candela 2.0 features a slim profile with LED light on the top and a round base to resemble a traditional candle with stand. It offers a soft beam, which accompanies with intimacy and discretion to create intimate evenings. This battery-powered lamp allows users to dine in candle light without worrying for it to end as the lamp can work for up to 10 hours on a single charge.

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The Candela 2.0 table lamps feature a sophisticated design and will illuminate both, indoor and outdoor space. It will provide a high level of autonomous performance. Chiaro di Luna also offers a recharging station that can charge multiple Candela 2.0 lamps at a time.

Chiaro di Luna’s Candela 2.0 Replaces Traditional Candles

Image: Chiaro di Luna

Chiaro di Luna’s Candela 2.0 Replaces Traditional Candles

Image: Chiaro di Luna

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