Chilli Island

Chilli Island Fuses Electric Boat and Lounger into One

Chilli Island, a water toy designed for beach resorts, is a movable lounger with sunshades that offers comfort no matter what time of the day it is. The luxury lounger is a perfect blend of an electric boat and a lounger, designed to provide relaxation and fill the gap between high-powered beach toys like jet skies and unglamorous means like pedal boats.

The innovative beach toy is made from a combination of polyethylene and fiberglass. It comes with protected water CE certificate, making it safe and secure product to be used in water. The 2.50 x 2.25-meters boat weighs 200 kg and can comfortably accommodate two people.

Available in two variants, the Chilli Island classic comes with electric engine Torqeedo 0.5 kW, while the power & vision version comes with electric engine Torqeedo 1.0k W. Both the versions can run for a time of six hours on a single charge. To safeguard from the scorching heat of the tropical sun, Chilli Island is provided with adjustable palm folders, which can be removed if not required.

The simple controls, like pop-up joystick is used to change direction, thumb switch is for better control, while the liquid crystal display shows battery level, speed and motor position.  The built-in bottle cooler, a waterproof sound system with Bluetooth streaming, re-entry ladder and LED underwater illumination makes the floating machine a perfect beach holiday accessory.

The base model of Chilli Island is available for €9,985 (approximately $11,225), whereas the high range is priced for €13,950 (approximately $15,685).

Chilli island can be customized according to the choice of colors and branding that suits your super yacht or a luxury resort. So, sail on the Chilli Island and enjoy the unique maritime experience.

Chilli Island

Floating machine accommodates two people

Chilli Island

Tropical tree inspired leaves to safeguard from the scorching heat

Chilli Island

Underwater illuminating lights to create a magical experience

Chilli Island

Chilli Island music center and joystick

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