Chocolate Revolver by ChocolateWeapon

Chocolate Revolver is delicious weapon to satisfy your sweet tooth

Instead of heart-shaped or animated chocolate treats, add some deliciously dangerous appeal to your sugary confections with Chocolate Revolver. Replicating an antiquated cowboy gun, this weapon-like chocolaty treat is perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth, as well as your inner cowboy/cowgirl.

Each detail on the chocolate bar shows off the real shape and embellishments of a life-size revolver. But instead of any metal, it has been made completely out of sugar and cocoa. Using sweet cocoa and gun-shaped molds, this unusual edible dessert is created to bring the touch of infamous cowboy gun into your regular sweet confection.

The chocolate weapon measures under 10-inches in length and roughly 1.5-inches in thickness of solid milk chocolate. For more realistic touch, it comes in a real gun case by ChocolateWeapons so that you can flaunt the chocolate weapon to your friends like a real gangster.

This would make an ideal gift this Valentines for someone who loves to collects guns, enjoys Western films featuring cowboys or simply a sweet-toothed chocolate lover. Although this chocolate is not a functional weapon, but don’t give it to children to take to their school. As they may get punished for violating federal laws concerning weapons on school campuses. Jokes apart, it’s a fun creation to be enjoyed by every age group.

Buy: $30

Chocolate Revolver by ChocolateWeapon

Chocolate Revolver filled with sugar and cocoa

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