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How to choose the right tech for home automation

Having a home controlled remotely is no longer an aspect of futuristic future. Home automation technologies advancements have virtually changed modern homes into a smart push-button households that are simple to control. The aspiration to own a home in 2016 is based on having a home that pays tribute to technological advancement in home automation in areas such as security, lighting, heating, and cooling, surveillance and home appliances. Choosing the right gadget and technology for home automation can be a bewildering and daunting experience. The following is an insight on how to choose the right home automation strategy.

Identifying your needs for home automation

When selecting the gadget and technologies for home automation, it is important to identify aspects that you need to automate. One needs to choose house components that will be controlled using smart home technologies such as the lighting system, doors, security, heating, and lighting system.

Choosing home automation protocol and gadgets

After having a list of what you want to control in your home, it is time to choose the brain/protocol/platform of your home. Home automation protocol entails a hardware communication language that transmits instructions via wired or wireless communication. Selecting a home automation protocol can be very complex. It is essential to choose a home automation protocol that will ensure effective integration of the interface with the automation system. The system needs to be efficient regarding its bandwidth, cost, and, of course, power consumption. Currently, there is no unified system in the market. Thus, adventurous homeowners should purpose to go for systems that support common smart home components such as Z-wave, ZigBee or Bluetooth or big companies such as Lutron, Crestron or Insteon which have multiple uses.

Choosing the right gadgets will enable homeowners to uses appliances such TV lifts, pop-up kitchen rack or home theater. Linear actuators should be utilized since they are simple to integrate with electronic products and they tend to consume less energy. The use of 12-volt actuator is making the household experiences more enjoyable and unique. The automation system needs not only to be compatible and supportive to various gadgets, but it should be chosen for its bandwidth and interoperability.


One should strive to have a system that is simple to use, promotes safety, and ensures adequate energy consumption. Most of the systems can control surveillance cameras, thermostats, lighting and have management tools as well as environmental sensors. However, it important to note that not every system supports garage door openers, window coverings or entry sensors and thus, one should seek connection via third party bridges or devices. Due to the massive integration of a tablet, smartphone, or PC, individuals can control thermostat, lighting, and surveillance, and cooling/heating system remotely. Networking gadgets such as modems and routers keep homeowners remotely linked to their houses. They can open their automatic garage without having to get out of their cars.

Controlling the system over PC, tablet or smartphone is becoming a common phenomenon in most systems. Thus, one should consider a system that uses its interface to control devices as outdated. Gestures and voice control capabilities systems are finding their way in the market and individuals considering automating their homes in 2016 should consider using this fantastic feature.

It is imperative to know what it takes for the system you choose to be installed, whether DYI or needs programming and custom installation, whether wireless or wired. DYI systems are highly recommended since there are less expensive, wireless connection and require simple installation. Nevertheless, it is crucial that one watches for stability and reliability, read comparisons and reviews and the return policy of a home automation system.


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    Home computerization takes the commonplace, everyday exercises required in dealing with your home and abandons them to a PC, liberating you up to kick back and unwind. Once a staple of sci-fi dreams and extravagance homes, over the previous decade home automation has turned into a reasonable alternative for the normal American mortgage holder. I am mentioning one more blog ( ) related to information of home automation.


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