Christine McConnell made Chestburster cake to promote Alien: Covenant

Artist, author, photographer and baker, Christine McConnell, is a native of Los Angeles famous for transforming ordinary cakes into extraordinary art. With a knack for combining creepiness and lip-smacking food, McConnell bakes stuff we can’t even imagine. Her recent creation, the Chestburster cake is a fine example of that.

The cake looks real and horrifying at the same time. The edible alien bursting cake has strawberry inside and its outer base is decorated with food colors. McConnell made this cake step by step, as first she filled the inner base with strawberries, and after that she baked it. Later on, she made that horrifying alien baby, and put it in the center of the cake crust to gives it a bursting look. Then she decorated it with food colors and the Chestburster cake was ready.

She has made similar horrifying cakes like Xenomorphic cake, Dazing cake, Alien eggs and Flowers cake previously. For sure, her fantasy and ideas are way beyond our imagination. She was inspired for her creepy creations by the Tim Burton movies that she is a big fan of.

McConnell bake’s delicious desserts that would leave anyone amazed. McConnell’s style and way of baking is wonderful, as she can make desserts for almost all occasions. You just name it and she will present it on the table. She does all this just for fun, and that’s why probably she has more than 10,000 followers on Instagram.

McConnell loves doing what she does, and it’s the best thing according to her.

Talking about her love, she says,

I just loved the combination of the creepiness and having a sweet dessert. And I’m kind of a sugar addict. I love things that are morbid. It’s just the most fun combination I can think of.

Alien Pie ? #AlienCovenant @AlienAnthology @20thCenturyFox #Sponsored

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… Just like Grandma used to make! ✨??✨ #AlienCovenant @AlienAnthology @20thCenturyFox #Sponsored

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Xenomorph Cake ? #AlienCovenant @AlienAnthology @20thCenturyFox #Sponsored

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This dessert’s not going down without a fight ☠ #AlienCovenant @AlienAnthology @20thCenturyFox #Sponsored

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Luckily, I brought more than just a fork ??? #AlienCovenant @AlienAnthology @20thCenturyFox #Sponsored

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Welcome to the Jungle… We’ve got fun and games ??? #AlienCovenant @AlienAnthology @20thCenturyFox #Sponsored

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Strawberry Cream Cake with Spore Pod cookies coated in fresh preserves ??? #AlienCovenant @AlienAnthology @20thCenturyFox #Sponsored

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