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Knust Lamp by Tom Leslie

Circular wall-mounted lamp looks like a monocle

UK-based industrial designer Tom Leslie has created simplistic and aesthetic lamp that looks like a monocle. The Knust lamp is inspired by the nature of Scandinavian design to form minimalist yet contemporary lighting solution for any interior. The light enclosed within round oak shell incorporates 8-watt G9 bulb, covered with frosted acrylic glass. The acrylic glass spreads elegant ambience of light into any living space including living room, bedroom or study.

This soothing glow allows the lighting fixture to be used for serving different light needs, be it a task lamp or a mounted display light. Either way it will form an elegant lighting solution for any modern home. Knust is available in a variety of colors and sizes, this means you can choose anyone as per your preference.

Knust Lamp by Tom Leslie

Knust lamp looks like a monocle

Knust Lamp by Tom Leslie

The light is enclosed within round oak shell and features 8-watt G9 bulb

Credit: DelightinLight

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