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Classic Director’s Chair made from aircraft grade aluminum and tanned leather

Bespoke furniture has come a long way and automotive furniture has played a fine role in the process. Having seen all sorts of automotive furniture, we are never really amazed with any subtle variation. But here, David Linley brings us an attraction we cannot pass in form of the classic Director’s Chair machined from 7075 T6 aircraft grade aluminum and made from 130 other components including spacers, O-rings and bushes along with brass a Acetyl. Crafted out of supreme quality material and manufactured with the hi-tech techniques, this unique chair features finest Oak-bark tanned leather for seating and back and has been hand polished before assembly. For an authentic look, the chair features oak wood finished armrest and leg rests. The chair has also been hand stitched so that the leather and the aluminum frame have a strong bonding to bear any weight. There is no word on the price that the chair could sell for.

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