Clear Wood turntable is a class apart from the rest with vibration actuation technology

Have a look at this Clear Wood turntable by Phonotikal which can be actuated with up to three actuators and produced essentially from varying length of arm of addresses acrylic or stainless steel base. There are cylindrical weights for stability along with the three firm feet to make sure that no vibration is transferred to the drive chassis of the turntable. To eliminate the fluctuation frequency Clear Wood turntable has a I Speedbox2 supply and its acrylic coat of 20mm thickness and the duralumin main bearing hardened and polished.

The turntable drive has double metal sleeve to avoid any vibration located outside and the drive through strap pulley with central bracket bearings assists in vibration attenuation of the main bearings. All in this entire turntable is on the high-end side with clear platform and dural plate with massive logs sour SAEC arm.

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