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Clearhouse by Stuart Parr Design

Clearhouse – A Modernist home without conventional walls

Clearhouse by Stuart Parr Design

Modernism at its best – this is the aptly named ‘Clearhouse’, a longitudinal housing unit situated in the scenic setting of the Shelter Island, New York. Designed by the architectural studio of Stuart Parr, the structure is suspended along the ground level with a the help of a centrally located pedestal (which also acts as the access point to the building). However, the definitive feature of the house is not its above-ground level characteristics. We are rather enticed by the Clearhouse’s lack of opaque walls. The conventional walls are substituted by clear facades of transparent glass, thus allowing breathtaking views of the lush green landscapes from almost every point inside the house.

This unique state of transparency has two completely different effects from the dual perspectives of the interior and the outdoors. For example, for the inhabitant inside the residence, the clear walls provide an unobtrusive visual as well as psychological connection with the verdant nature and the distant sea. However, when viewed from outside (by the guest), the house emerges as a simple, Modernist specimen of architecture nestled amidst all the emerald hued greenery. This ethereal composition of a human space within a natural space does allude to the dream home we would surely like to own.

Via: StuartParrDesign

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