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Kaldewei Cleopatra bathtub

The Cleopatra Bathtub from Kaldewei gives a luxurious bathing experience

 Kaldewei Cleopatra bathtub

Made after the name of the most enigmatic woman in the history, the Cleopatra Bathtub is designed keeping royalty in mind. Just like Cleopatra, the last active Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, was known for her artfulness, captivating beauty and a splendid lifestyle, this magnificent bathtub reflects the same. Ippolito Fleitz  has designed this grand sized, Pharaoh styled bathtub for Kaldewei. This bathtub is designed to inspire people to be more creative and take the bathing experience to a new level.

Kaldewei Cleopatra bathtub

The Cleopatra bathtub is shaped like an open shell of a mollusk providing a large bathing cocoon to maintain the intimacy of the bathing experience in a pretty exclusive way. The designer has made use of steel enamel from Kaldewei to create this spectacular beauty. He chose white color that depicts aristocracy, highlights the ostentatiousness of the bathtub and also combined a soft lighting system that included a row on row oval lit disc to enhance its extravagance.

Kaldewei Cleopatra bathtub

Although, the pompous credentials are aggrandized by the grand scale of the luxurious Cleopatra Bathtub, it also brings about that romantic occasional togetherness within the volume of this oasis. Every woman would feel exactly like the majestic Pharoah while bathing in the expansive space of this bathtub.

Kaldewei Cleopatra bathtub

Via: Trendir/ Deconiche

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