This Suspended House Will Give You a Feeling of Fear and Excitement

This Suspended Cliff House Evokes the Feeling of Fear and Excitement

Visioned on the steep cliff in Mendocino, California, this suspended house offers a feeling of fear and excitement when in the outdoor space and a calm and cozy space indoors. The house not only lets you enjoy the beautiful panorama, but it also lets you rejoice in the feeling of living off a cliff.

Envisioned by Iranian architect and interior designer Milad Eshtiyaghi, this amazing house is going to give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Owing to the location, the designer chose to build the house on the edge of a cliff. For this, the designer separated the house from the land so that it could suspend in the air. 

Keeping the climate of the region in mind, Eshtiyaghi has designed the house form in a sloping manner. The designer has used mast for the design of the house. It has been secured with two categories of cable. The high cables bear the weight of gravity while the lower cables help in withstanding the lateral and upward wind forces.

The mast has been designed as if someone has been bent by the opposition and is trying to pull the rope. The designer bent the bridge mast to the opposite side to increase the stability due to gravity and for aesthetics.

To make the house more exciting, its lower part has a path that leads one to a space that is perfect for sitting, relaxing, and an occasional swing in mid-air. While being in this space, you will feel a sense of weightlessness and liberation as if you are floating in the air. The weight of this section is borne by the cables that are connected to the house.

To add thrill, the house lacks bracing cables on the route, thus turning it into a slippery bridge. You are bound to feel fear and excitement while going to the end space. After all this excitement, you will feel peace and stability when you reach the final space, thanks to the bracing cables.

The house has been conceptualized by keeping two persons (preferably a couple) in mind. The bedroom has been designed on the south side while the living room, kitchen and dining area has been set up in the northern part. This allows one to experience the mesmerizing view of west and east.

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All public and private spaces have a downward view of the project, which is achieved by creating holes with a glass surface. With all these amazing features and unique design, this house is bound to give one a long-lasting memory. Eshtiyaghi designs adventure dream homes stationed in faraway cliffs that entice every individual’s wanderlust. We hope his designs, as this one, meet the light of day.

This Suspended House Will Give You a Feeling of Fear and Excitement

Image: milad eshtiyaghi

This Suspended House Will Give You a Feeling of Fear and Excitement

Image: milad eshtiyaghi

This Suspended House Will Give You a Feeling of Fear and Excitement

Image: milad eshtiyaghi


Image: milad eshtiyaghi

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