ClockClock 9 by Humans since 1982 is Wall Clock and Artwork

ClockClock 9 by Humans since 1982 is Both a Wall Clock and Artwork

The ClockClock project from Stockholm-based artists Humans since 1982 explores how the passing of time can be shaped and transformed into a tangible kinetic concept. Since their inception in 2008, they have made created a number of artworks. ClockClock 9 is the latest addition to their ongoing ClockClock project.

This new clock is distinguished by its circular shape, smaller clock hands, and its unique way of showing time. ClockClock 9 is both a kinetic sculpture and a functioning wall clock. Each clock comprises black housing of mineral composite and electronic components.

It has 9 pairs of individual clock hands that move individually, performing meticulous choreographies that alternate between abstract and synchronized movement patterns. After each animation, the clock hands align to show the time as an analog clock within a diamond-shaped frame. Each animation lasts between 1 to 2 minutes.

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As described by the creators, ClockClock 9 illustrates a constant interplay of chaos and order – a balancing act of movement and stillness. It comes in a limited edition of 50 pieces; each hand-signed and shipped from their studio in Stockholm, Sweden.

You can pre-order it for a price of €1,800 (about $2,180) from the official website.

ClockClock 9 by Humans since 1982 is Wall Clock and Artwork

Image: ClockClock

ClockClock 9 by Humans since 1982 is Wall Clock and Artwork

Image: Tim Meier/Humans since 1982

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