Cloth Coffee Table by Joao Teixeira

Cloth Coffee Table is Curvy Blend of Scandinavian Design and Japanese Simplicity

Joao Teixeira is slowly becoming a big name in the furniture design industry. The Portuguese designer’s previous projects, be it Shelter office table or Float flat-pack cat-tower reflected the Scandinavian style of design. However, this time around, the designer has moved one step forward and introduced this Cloth Coffee Table which mixes Scandinavian functionality with Japanese simplicity.

Coffee tables form an integral part of our home and our best conversation starters. Cloth Coffee Table by Joao Teixeira is way different from what one would expect a coffee table to be. But, it is something that you can’t resist featuring in your living.

Now with all the suspense created, let’s get down to the design and functionality of the table. Following the “Japandi design” aesthetics, the coffee table exudes in form and function. From the pictures, one can make out that the main body of the table is made of plywood and is divided by a metal sheet.

The sheet holds the two wooden sides together creating a depression in between, keeping the table grounded. The sheet then integrates the entire structure in a beautiful manner creating a contrasting shape and slim profile with a curved center. The metal sheet serves as a book holder and can even house stationery.

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The legs of the table are also curved making it a unique furniture piece that balances aesthetics and functionality together. The legs mimic a fluttering curtain or cloth which may be the possible reason for dubbing it the cloth coffee table. The interesting contrast of color and shape makes it a must-buy coffee table for your home.

Cloth Coffee Table by Joao Teixeira_6

Image: Joao Teixeira

Cloth Coffee Table by Joao Teixeira_1

Image: Joao Teixeira

Cloth Coffee Table by Joao Teixeira_2

Image: Joao Teixeira

Cloth Coffee Table by Joao Teixeira_3

Image: Joao Teixeira

Cloth Coffee Table by Joao Teixeira_4

Image: Joao Teixeira

Cloth Coffee Table by Joao Teixeira_5

Image: Joao Teixeira

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