Coca-Cola Bio Cooler refrigerates in hot regions without electricity

Coca-Cola Bio Cooler

There is nothing better than a chilled refreshing drink during hot summers. But to get an ice-chilled drink in extremely hot regions, that too without electricity, sounds practically impossible. To make that possible, Coca-Cola in collaboration with Leo Burnett Colombia, has invented the Bio Cooler, a refrigeration system that doesn’t require electricity to cool down drinks. The cooling system of this fridge is based on traditional methods of air cooling system through water evaporation.

Coca-Cola Bio Cooler

For cooling the drinks in this fridge, one needs to water the plants kept on its top surface. Then, the chamber inside it gets cooled, once water is poured on a  plant starts evaporating. Another method for its cooling is through a mirror, which is installed in the device itself. The mirror captures heat of the sun that helps in turning gas into liquid and creates even higher cooling effect. Due to this, hotter the climate gets, better cooling is provided for canned drinks inside the fridge.

Coca-Cola Bio Cooler

The fridge is designed in a rectangular shape standing on its four legs and functions like a vending machine, which can store three different types of canned beverages in it. A chilled can is delivered from the fridge into a tray at its bottom on its left hand side.

Coca-Cola has presented its first Bio Cooler to people living in Aipir, one of the hottest towns in Colombia, where people used to travel miles to get ice for chilling drinks because of no electricity supply in their homes. This innovative refrigeration system has solved problem of getting chilled refreshing drinks in the small town of Colombia. Similarly, this revolutionary fridge can also be used in other hot regions around the world to relief masses from blazing weather while enjoying a chilled can of drink.


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