Cocktail Computer

Cocktail Computer goes retro for mixing different drinks

Ordering and having a perfectly mixed cocktail is easy, but to make one is not. As you have to think and go through lot of cocktail recipes before preparing a perfect one. Instead of facing the entire struggle, you’d end up opening a beer can out of frustration.

That’s where the Cocktail Computer enters. It is a tiny retro-styled computer that is designed to let you know what to mix for your next cocktail drink and make your house party more rocking. This is basically a punch card creation, which contains 24 different essential ingredients slots to let the users select what ingredients they can use for their recipe.

Designer Lily Szajnberg has chosen 24 basic ingredients for various combination slots, letting you create wide range of classic as well as innovative cocktails in a jiffy. The device includes three metal push pins that are inserted to different labeled slots, allowing the user to filter through the 100 included recipe cards.

To use the system, all you need to do is lift its lid to get different concoction recipes for mixing drinks. With the help of this amazing device you’ll certainly become the star of your next party. Moreover, the best thing about this tiny computer is that it works without electricity.

Currently the project is seeking funds on Kickstarter to raise initial amount of about $50,000. So far, the team has managed to collect $34,712 and only 4 days are left for the campaign. It’s quite clear that the product won’t reach its production phase, though it is a nice concept to keep tab on distinct cocktail recipes.

Cocktail Computer

Retro-styled computer is created by Lily Szajnberg

Cocktail Computer

It contains 24 different essential ingredients slots

Cocktail Computer

With the help of this mini computer, you can create various cocktails recipes using same ingredients

Via: DigitalTrends

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