Cocktail Kingdom Ice Ball Maker replaces boring ice cubes with ice spheres

Ice sphere maker

We all love house parties, and most important item required to have a chilling party is ice cubes. Ice cubes go into everything from alcohol to cold drinks and juices, therefore in all sense of the word different we desire spherical ice chunks, just because ice cubes are so mundane. For all of us, Cocktail Kingdom has launched Professional Ice Ball Maker, which delivers 70mm sphere of ice to chill the party like never before. With this interesting, compact, anodized aluminum appliance, which is durable and easy to use you can bid goodbye to the boring ice cubes and impress your guests with more personal ice spheres that’ll look like cut glass crystals in their drink.

Ball shaped ice maker

The Professional Ice Ball Maker needs to be fed with a cube of ice and in couple of minutes the appliance delivers a 70mm sphere of ice. Not sure how many people you can satisfy at that rate. The Ice Ball Maker works by exerting pressure on the ice cube; it melts the extra ice and leaves you with the core in shape of a sphere. At $300 the Ice Ball Maker is a luxury probably not many would afford.

Via: Wired 

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