Baobed treehouse

Cocoon like Baobed treehouse offers ultra-comfort anywhere, anytime

Baobed treehouse

Are you the type of person who is an explorer and adventure seeker but not very fond of spending the night in a tent? If yes, then the Baobed treehouse is just for you. Inspired by exotic fruit of the baobab trees, the cocoon- like sleeping capsule is designed to provide you pure relaxation and comfort anywhere, anytime. It can be suspended between branches of trees or simply can be placed at a rooftop, on the beach or even in the middle of a pond. The Baobed sleeping pod boasts a flexible design and its UV resistant structure allows it to be transported easily on a trailer.

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Measuring about 13 feet long and 6.5 feet wide, this oval shaped capsule is spacious enough to provide a cozy night sleep for you and your loved one amidst the beauty of nature. When empty the Baobed treehouse weighs 992 pounds. The basic available sleeping pod comes fully outfitted with mattresses and bedding. However, user can get some more features such as suspension kit, floor installation support, mosquito nets, storage pockets and indoor and outdoor decoration.

Via: Inhabitat

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