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CocoOne Cocooning Lounge by Delfin Wellness

CocoOne is an oasis of luxury that can be controlled with your iPad

Do you feel like escaping the world and spend some time with your partner at a beautiful and serene place? Well, Austria-based company Delfin Wellness has heard and fulfilled your wish by creating a new generation CocoOne Lounge for couples to spend some time in luxury. It is smart outdoor furniture that can be controlled wirelessly using your Wi-Fi connected iPad or smartphone.

The cocooning lounge features a huge luxury bed, whose back and foot area can be electronically adjusted according to the user’s preference for a soothing nap. Over the head area is a small space that is sufficient to keep snacks or glasses of your favorite drink without spilling them over your bed.

Moreover, this space includes built-in hi-end audio speakers that can be controlled from your iPad for playing your favorite tracks over a romantic date. To make your date more interesting you can change lighting effects through embedded LEDs inside the shell with your smartphone. This amazing relaxation room also has a heat radiator to keep you warm during cold, long nights.

Want to sleep under the star-studded sky? No problem, just slide doors of the shell open to count twinkling stars. It also comes with a huge mosquito net to keep insects away and let you sleep comfortably. You can even enjoy the sun bath in the morning without leaving the comfort of your bed, all you need to do is open the door to let the sunlight come in.

It is a complete luxury room for relaxing outdoors and can be moved to any place, as it has a strong and lightweight base with built-in wheels for easy transportability. So, move your personal space to desired location and make beautiful memories with your loved one like never before.

CocoOne Luxury Lounge

CocoOne Luxury Lounge can be remote controlled using iPad or smartphone

CocoOne Luxury Lounge

Small space over the bed to place snacks or drinks, it also has built-in audio speakers to enjoy soothing music on a romantic date

CocoOne Luxury Lounge

Light effects can be changed according to your mood using your smartphone

CocoOne Cocooning Lounge by Delfin Wellness

Comfortable luxury mattresses create a secure and roomy space for a soothing nap

CocoOne Luxury Lounge

The cocooning lounge features a heat radiator to keep you warm during cold evenings

CocoOne Luxury Lounge

The lounge comes with a mosquito net to keep away insects so that you can sleep under the open sky peacefully

CocoOne Cocooning Lounge by Delfin Wellness

The matching protective sleeve protects it from dirt and wear to ensure newness

Source: DelfinWellness

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