Coelesse’s Massaud Canopy provides a little world of your own


Sometimes In life you might feel so stressed out that you would just wish to escape to a place where you can find solitude, without being entirely cut off from the world around. Coelesse brings to you a quirky furniture piece dubbed as the Massaud Work Lounge or the Massaud Canopy, which gives you your own little peaceful world. French architect and designer Jean-Marie Massaud, has cleverly designed a recliner chair for the user to relax his butt comfortably and a hood atop that gives you a private space to get a peace of mind.

Looking quiet like an old school hair dryer in a salon, the canopy can be easily swiveled down to surround the user and thus providing him  or her a personal space. The canopy is not ordinary as it integrates built-in LED lighting, great acoustics for watching videos, video communication or chatting and Bluetooth connectivity for audio along with a removable pillow insert where e user can comfortably rest his head.

Talking about the recliner chair,  it is upholstered in a comfy material, has broad armrest and has an optional armrest table to comfortably place a laptop or tablet. The chair comes with an ottoman, which has a storage box to keep books and magazines. The Massaud Work Lounge by Jean-Marie Massaud for Coalesse was unveiled at Neo Con 2013 and is supposed to be available by 2014. Check out the video below to know more.

Via: Technabob

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