Coffee table to showcase your collector cars in style

If you’ve had a passion for collectibles, then you’d be aware of how important it is to keep the collected items safe and preserved for time. While most of us stock up our collected items in glass cases and show cabinets, its time someone gave us a table to preserve our collector cars. Enter LACK table, a coffee table designed to showcase your collector cars. The coffee table occupies a significant space in your daily life and is thus a very fine space to display the precious collection while also protecting it from dust and passage of time.

The LACK coffee table is made from wood with an extra two inches lifted above the normal tab top. The addition is made of PVC glued to the table frame and the glass top with blu-track adhesive. The table can also be judiciously used to store any other collected items that you may have passion for and to show it off to everyone who came home.

I don’t think the designer would be selling the LACK table, but if you have liked the idea, you can check PiratasdeIkea to know how the table has been made.

Via: Decoralos

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