Lignum Makes Coffee Table Featuring Shou Sugi Ban Finish

YouTuber Makes Coffee Table by Charring Timber

YouTuber Lignum is a Croatian woodworker who amazes followers with his art of using Shou Sugi Ban to make interesting furniture. We had previously acquainted you with his Pixel lounge chair made from leftover slats of wood. This time around he has created a gorgeous coffee table with Shou Sugi Ban finish.

Aptly called Charcoal valley table, it is made from wooden planks which are later burned chiefly for preservation and also to produce an intriguing look.

The wood slats were planed, carved using a jigsaw, then stacked and glued together with two component melamine glue. Once the desired shape and finish was achieved, the table surface was burnt using a gas torch and sandblasted to achieve the elegant charred shade.

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The Charcoal valley table has rectangular steel pipes with nuts to hold adjustable legs and a glass top, which beautifully shows up the Shou Sugi Ban details. Check out the full video of the build below:

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