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Colin Furze invents Carvet to make sleeping in car more comfortable

For those who have tried sleeping in a car, you know very well that the accommodation is not very good in the comfort department. Not anymore, if you’ve got a comfy Carvet with you. YouTube star Colin Furze has created another crazy invention, which ensures that you have a nice place to sleep in your car.

This full body-sized Carvet completely covers your body, as well as, your car’s dashboard, steering, and seat. The soft fabrics make you feel extremely cozy when you’re driving or want to rest. But, beware, don’t get so comfortable that you fall asleep while driving.

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Just like a poncho, you can actually wear this huge Carvet and go to sleep whenever you feel tired on a long road trip. You can see in the video below, that this carvet covers the entire driving seat, so you never have to worry about being poked and prodded by those cumbersome seat belts while you sleep.

It not just keeps your body warm, but also comes with a soft and cushy headrest to make sleeping in a car more comfortable. When not in use, it can easily be folded and stored in the car’s trunk. So the next time you’re in desperate need of a place to stay, make your car your comfy crash spot with your personal Carvet.

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