Karaoke Shower by YouTuber Furze

Colin Furze’s Karaoke Shower Makes Singing While Bathing Fun

Love to sing whilst taking a shower but cannot display your skills during a karaoke? Well, Colin Furze has created the inventive Karaoke Shower for people who love singing in the bathroom. Furze has designed this interesting shower installed with water-proof karaoke for Odd Invention Challenge, which is a platform for encouraging innovative creations.

Interior of the funky musical shower is designed with checkered tiles on the walls. Moreover, it elegantly boasts waterproof touchscreen, karaoke machine, disco ball shower head and big speakers. The touchscreen can be used to control shower speed and temperature.

Colin himself is not very fond of bathroom singing but has designed it for all the shy bathroom singers out there. So, they could sing out loud every time they go for a shower.

It is indeed a commendable DIY project to bring hobby into your daily bathing routine.

Karaoke Shower by YouTuber Furze

Karaoke Shower has a waterproof touchscreen and karaoke machine

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