Backyard Shed by Colin Furze

Colin Furze walks us through the steps to build a DIY shed

Colin Furze is a crazy inventor with a knack for creating economical and innovative DIY solutions to build extraordinarily practical objects. This time, he is showing YouTubers a way to custom-build their own backyard shed for less than the cost from any store.

Following his DIY steps, you can also build a sturdy shed in whatever size you need. Moreover, you can also place doors or windows wherever you need them on your customized shed. Furze’s shed is very sturdy and insulated, along with a slate roof.

Here are the steps to create a similar DIY shed.

1. Substructure

Backyard Shed by Colin Furze

The first step is to form the substructure. After finalizing the size, Furze has enclosed the foundation within a perimeter of bricks to create shed’s structure off the ground. This will minimize the impact on the environment.

2. Wooden frames

Backyard Shed by Colin Furze

After cutting the wood to the same length, Colin has framed wooden walls to form a beautiful shed.

3. Insulation

Backyard Shed by Colin Furze

After creating the wooden frames on all four sides, he has added insulation materials and a protective plastic coating to the walls for keeping moisture out. This way the shed will last for years to come.

4. Shape of the roof

Backyard Shed by Colin Furze

The roof has been made out of traditional center beam technique, which easily manages the water flow. The edges of the roof are protected by metal sheets and rest of the roof is made out of slate.

5. Stain-proof coating

Backyard Shed by Colin Furze

He has used patination oil to protect the lead sheet from staining the other materials of the shed. The stain-proofing helps to keep the materials clean throughout the construction process.

Check out the video given below, to watch the entire construction process.

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