Colin Furze’s Thermite Kettle

Colin Furze’s Thermite Kettle boils water faster than ever

Inventor Colin Furze has again created another crazy appliance called Thermite Kettle. Although it looks like a conventional kettle, but boils water faster than normal stove-top or electric kettles. Due to its jet-speed boiling procedure, this appliance can also be termed as ‘Jettle.’ Plus, you literally have to set it on fire for superfast boiling.

The kettle is integrated with an aluminum pipe that’s filled with thermite (a pyrotechnic composition of 3:8 aluminum powder and iron oxide ratios). When the themite is set on fire, it immediately undergoes an exothermic reduction-oxidation (redox) reaction to turn the pipe red hot for quickly transferring heat energy to water. This way water will start simmering rapidly than ever.

To use the kettle, just fill the tube with thermite and a sparker is imbedded into the mixture for ignition. Close the pipe and insert it into the kettle, ignite the sparker and within few seconds the water will start boiling like crazy. Now pour the boiling water into a mug and add your favorite tea, milk and sugar as per your taste. Finally, a cup of piping hot tea is ready.

The insane thermite kettle seems fun to look at, but not quite appropriate for a normal household. This is because most homeowners won’t like to put their house at the risk of a fire breakout. However, if you have got a crazy nerve like Furze, you can surely experiment to create this thermite kettle for yourself. Check out the video given below to watch its making/testing process.

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