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Colonie-based man invents smart mailbox to keep an eye on your mail

Dan Judge from Colonie, New York has invented a smart mailbox that could prevent the stealing of packages from your doorsteps. Some of you may have faced the problem or seen the videos of packages being stolen straight from people’s doorsteps. But not anymore, all thanks to this smart mailbox, the homeowners would be able to keep their mail and courier packages out of wrong hands.

This innovative mailbox will notify you on your smartphone whenever you’re about to get a delivery. You can answer the call and instruct the delivery guy to drop off your goods in the mailbox. Once your package is inside this smart mailbox, it will further lock itself and won’t open the door until you punch in the set password. So, it seems to be a mailbox of the future.

The mailbox is integrated with a motion sensor camera that connects to your smartphone via a mobile app. This way it will immediately inform you, in case anyone tries to break the mailbox. You can further take instant action to prevent your package from stealing.

According to Dan’s wife Jackie, he has always been a dreamer and often likes to invent things, including his latest invention. He has successfully patented the smart mailbox that can be opened with a smartphone. Moreover, he has also hired a marketing company to advertise for this invention. He is hoping that his smart mailbox will be available for purchase just in time for Christmas.

Via: News10

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