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Comfort Cloud Lamp

Comfort Cloud Lamp doubles as air purification system for kitchen

Created by Chinese designers Yimu Yang, Yunpeng Li, and Jiaqi Li, the Comfort Cloud Lamp is a clever lighting fixture that doubles as air purification system for your kitchen. Nowadays, urban dwellers prefer open kitchen design in their apartments, as it can easily be accessed from any part of the house.

But the only drawback with open-space kitchen is that cooking fumes can easily spread all around the living space, and affect everyone near the kitchen. To prevent homeowners from unhealthy cooking fumes, the designers have come up with a convenient solution in form of this ceiling lamp.

It is designed to be attached onto the ceiling, just above your cooking island. Once turned on, the lamp will not only light up the cooking area, but also purify the air automatically, while eliminating cooking fumes. It is integrated with built-in sensors that instantly expose the suction tank on detecting the fumes. The suction tank sucks all cooking fumes into the cooling tank for purification. After that, the fresh air is discharged into the surrounding environment.

The problem with traditional kitchen ventilation systems is that they only move cooking fumes from indoor to outdoor, but the fumes still pollute the air. On the other hand, Comfort Cloud Lamp not only removes but also purifies the fumes for cleaner and healthier indoor environment.

So far, the project is in the concept phase and submitted on James Dyson Award website. Hopefully, it rolls out on the market soon to keep our kitchen and living space cleaner than ever before.

Comfort Cloud Lamp

Comfort Cloud Lamp doubles as air purification system

Comfort Cloud Lamp

It purifies cooking fumes into fresh air

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