Compact CCP Mofa mopping robot for complete, spotless cleaning

CCP Mofa

Problems which we mainly face while using ordinary floor mops is that they are uneasy to handle and can’t reach every corner of the floor or under the furniture. CCP Mofa mini robot is a high tech mop with microfiber material at its bottom, created especially to make the experience of floor cleaning more comfortable. It is a square compact mop of size 235 x 80 x 235 mm and weighs 0.5 kg with battery life of 1.5 hours. Due to its small size, it can mop the floor under the furniture and even reach corners smoothly.

CCP Mofa

Design and functioning of Mofa is kept simple. It’s easy to use unlike some of the complicated vacuum cleaners available in the market, even children in your house can use it without hurting themselves. The microfibers attached to it can absorb dust, pollen, and particles which ordinary vacuum cleaners fail to remove.

CCP Mofa

Another good thing about Mofa mop is that it doesn’t make noise like vacuum cleaners. So, you don’t have to hear that annoying noise of a machine while cleaning. You’ll surely enjoy cleaning floor after using it. CCP Mofa is available online in China for ¥7,800 (Approx. $1254).

Via: HouseOfJapan/Akihabara

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