Concentric lamps

Concentric lamps playfully create chromatic light effects

Contrived by designer Rob Zinn for lighting manufacturer Marset, Concentric lamps are impressive lighting fixtures that creates beautiful hypnotic effect. The wall-mounted circular lights are more of an artwork that highlights interaction between light and colorful reflections.

Each lamp consists of five circular plates, which are stacked on each other in order of increasing size. These white circular plates are further integrated with built-in LEDs that reflect different color tones on reverse, as soon as light from each LED hits the white surface. In daytime, minimal and subtle colors are perceived.

However, at night the strength and intensity of colorful lights increases to form complex chromatic light effects. Appearing like a star sun, the warm color tone of each lighting fixture creates beautiful hypnotic effect that enhances atmosphere of a living room.

The powerful light fixture has recently been nominated in the ‘Best Lighting’ category and also bagged prizes in 2016 Editors’ Awards of the ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) in New York. It’s truly impressive to see how one lighting object can glow with different color tones that too without any use of smart technology.

Via: Infurma

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