Concrete Block Pendant Light Fixture to Brighten Your Home

We’ve seen a plethora light fixtures but none so robust as this one. The Concrete block Pendant light from ZALcreations measures 5 ¾ x 7 ½ x 3 ½- inches in size and is accompanied with 4 feet strong and adjustable 3 wire clear color cord and brushed nickel 5-inch ceiling canopy. Sealed with concrete on the surface, the Pendant light has a standard bulb socket inside.

Weighing 30 lbs heavy (as expected), you can’t leave the Pendant light suspending lightly off the ceiling, thus a 1/8-inch steel cable is provided to suspend the unique lighting solution from the ceiling. Handmade to order, the indoor lighting fixture perfect for Flintstones comes with 120V PAR20 50W halogen flood light bulb for $235.

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