Concretus Speaker by Grazina -Bockute

Concretus speaker uses architectural brutalism to boost sound

Wood is considered to be the best material for producing high quality sound in music instruments and gadgets like speakers. But Lithuanian designer Grazina Bockute has chosen concrete material to create sculptural Concretus speaker. The solid concrete block reminds us of a conventional architectural sculpture, but boasts high-end sound technology for enhancing your listening experience.

The speaker system offers customized design with each unit so that it can adapt into any home decor. Concrete is obviously not the first choice when one thinks about a speaker design. But we’ve seen few concrete speakers with superior sound quality. A cement block can magnify its sound through the air bubbles formed in it, despite its solid and sturdy structure.

Although it is compact in size, but the cement block is little heavy due to the solid material that’s used for its creation. Design of the concrete speaker is cut into a slanted rectangle that’s integrated with audio elements. The speaker system is also Bluetooth enabled to form wireless connection with your smartphone. This means you can easily sync it with your smartphone and listen to your favorite music anytime, anywhere.

When not connected to a smartphone, the speaker system can be controlled via buttons present on the side of the speaker. Concretus speaker’s brutalist architectural layout is likely to impress any audiophile, who is looking for an industrial sound system.

Concretus Speaker by Grazina -Bockute

The solid block is integrated with audio elements

Concretus Speaker by Grazina -Bockute

Made from cement, the speaker looks like an architectural piece

Concretus Speaker by Grazina -Bockute

Bluetooth-enabled speaker system

Concretus Speaker by Grazina -Bockute

The buttons on the side of the speaker for manual control

Via: BeautifulLife

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