Control the IKettle with your Smartphone


The smart technology of today has almost taken over everything. With a smart lock you could lock or unlock your home with just a touch on your Smartphone screen and now with the IKettle you’ll be able to boil water by doing the same. The IKettle is a boon to those busy or lazy people who cannot or do not want to go in the kitchen and boil water for a cup of tea. The smart technology utilized in this kettle lets them do the job while working on their desktop or relaxing on the couch.

As we all know that the hot beverages are the mainstay, the perfect vital spark of our lives and if we would not have to wait for the water to boil  for the morning tea or coffee, our life would be just perfect. The IKettle caters this particular need, enabling the user to sit wherever he/she is until the water is ready to pour. The kettle can be easily programmed for the drink of your choice. Thanks to the four different temperature settings. You receive a message on your Smartphone once the water in it is boiled asking if you are ready or want to keep the water warm for a while.

Because of the wake up timer featured in this World’s first WiFi kettle, you would also want to throw away your alarm clock. Although the IKettle incorporates incredible technology, but it looks like a simple kettle with a stainless steel design. It is also characterized by  A LED backlit control panel, a rubber handle and a functional filtered spout. The charming IKettle is perfectly a smart and refined  addition to your kitchen. So embrace laziness and enjoy the perfect hot drinks with IKettle which is available for a preorderhere for £99.99

Via: Telegraph

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