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Converge docking station can charge four devices at a time

Today, in place of papers and pens we make use of high tech gadgets like iPads, Smartphones; other than our basic desktop for carrying out important work. The charging wires of each of those devices can create a mess on your work desk. Although, the docks or charging stations can be used for keeping your work desk clutter free, but spending around 30-40 dollars per dock hardly makes any sense. However, Jin Chai’s Converge docking station is a beautiful solution to charge four of your gadgets sitting together while keeping the net of wires away from your desk.

The Converge was brought to life by Quirky, a start-up website and is now available for $69.99. The dock has a simple, curvy design to hold your mobile devices in place safely. You can find a total of four USB ports for your USB cables on the rear. Simply thread the cables through the TPE slots to ensure a secure grip. All devices, whether charged from the bottom or the side can all be docked on this charging device, thus making it compatible with a lot of gadgets in the market including iPhones, iPad, digital camera etc.

The Converge rests on a rubber bottom that prevents it from moving or rolling down the floor. The USB cables can be folded and squeezed into the indent in the plastic on the back side of the dock, while the front beautifully displays your gadgets. Moreover, this docking station is available in an array of vibrant colors that will smartly dress up even your dull looking work desk. This USB charging station is a perfect way to eliminate the messy cables. Watch out the small video below for more on how Converge docks your smartphone and tablet.

Via: Quirky

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