Convertible Sofa by Julia Kononenko transforms into a dining table

Living space comes at a premium these days. Proper planning and discretion are recommended while buying an apartment. If we are so cautious while purchasing a living space then why a callous attitude sets in during buying a sofa for the house?  The main stress is on the sofa because it is the most important interior item in the house. A comfortable and smaller sized sofa is what everyone wants. Sofa adds to the aesthetic value of the house.

Even if we ponder seriously before purchase, a confrontation arises among the family members regarding the choice of sofa. Mother wants an elegant look, the daughter goes for lavish styling and the son would settle for nothing else than a big size. The argument continues endlessly and the problem remains intact.

It is well advised that the sofa should occupy little space especially if you are yourself finding difficult to search a corner for sleeping in the house. Nothing better than a multi-functional and a smaller sized sofa. Keeping the above recommendations in mind always go for a sofa with a multi-functional use.

Here is a sofa designed Julia Kononenko that could be transformed into a small dining table with 6 padded stools. The backrest becomes a countertop in a matter of seconds. In short, six people can have their meal with minimum hassle.

Isn’t it a miracle?

This sofa is a perfect solution to relaxation and dining needs with a maximum amount of comfort. This durable and elegant sofa could be used as a working table other times. Therefore, it puts an end to all the brainstorming sessions of your family while chalking out a plan to buy a new sofa for your small living area. Hence, go ahead and feel like a king sitting on your new sofa.

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