Convertible Sofa Storage Box by Futura makes small apartments look spacious

Smart design is the success key of various design companies who keeps on searching for something innovative and unique. One such company is the Italian furniture manufacturer Futura who has come up with an extremely versatile and modular sofa set design. For those who are tired of searching an appropriate sofa set for their small sized living room, here is a solution. The Sofa Storage Box designed by Futura is one of the most smart and flexible sofa that has ever invented for your needs.

The Sofa Storage Box unfolds to reveal the intelligently designed and packed items of the modular sofa which can be transformed into various pieces of a contemporary sofa effortlessly. Each piece of the storage box can be used as per the needs of the user providing extra comfort and flexibility. You can use each piece as a center unit or an end piece of your couch, as a coffee table, as ottomans or even a foot rest. The Sofa Storage Box by Futura gives wings to your imagination offering you limitless possibilities. So, now you don’t have to worry about your small living room as this modular sofa will solve the space problem for you. There is no word on the price, but you can check Futura website for details on the same.

Via: Socialdesignmagazine/Decorating-Inspire

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