The Cookie Catcher

Cookie Catcher stops soggy biscuit crumbs spoiling the taste of your beverage

Let’s face it, we all enjoy dunking biscuits in hot cup of tea, but we often hold the biscuit for too long that it breaks inside the beverage forming a sweet sludge at bottom of the mug. Obviously, no one likes these soggy biscuit crumbs as they completely ruin taste of the beverage.

Not anymore, because Watford-based entrepreneur Andrew Tinsley has created the Cookie Catcher to end the problem that has been around probably since invention of tea and biscuits. Cookie catcher is nothing but a canny mesh pouch made out of nylon that can be easily inserted into a tea mug.

To use it, all you need to do is just place this tiny cylindrical mesh into a mug filled with hot tea and dunk in your favorite biscuits without ruining the taste of your beverage. Once you’ve finished dunking, lift the pouch out using an attachable string. The mesh will easily bring out all the biscuit crumbs so that you can even finish last sip of your tea with no cookie bits inside.

The best thing about this tiny mesh pouch is that it is washable and can be used over and over again. It is available online just for £2 (approx. US $3.26); you can bring this cheap and smart tool in your home to permanently get rid of the biscuit disaster.

The Cookie Catcher

It can be inserted in your tea mug and pulled out when you’re done dunking the biscuits

The Cookie Catcher

It is a washable mesh made for nylon for reusing it again and again

The Cookie Catcher

No more biscuit disaster with the Cookie Catcher

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