Cookiray BE is air cleaning pendant lamp

Cookiray BE is air cleaning pendant lamp for tabletop cooking

Japanese designer Naoko Hirota of Hirota Design Studio has created Cookiray BE, an air cleaning pendant lamp for tabletop cooking which is a tradition in Japan. It is a dimmable dining lighting that efficiently sucks up unpleasant oil, smoke and other cooking odors produced at traditional Japanese dining tables. This innovative kitchen appliance combines a suspended light with four layer air filters to collect smoke, oil and odors separately. As it is a lampshade, the unpleasant air particles can be seen flowing up clearly when it is turned on.   

A remote control is included to operate it easily, while each hanging lamp comes with a unique perforation design of Fibonacci sequence that symbolizes purity and technology. Made from resin, this modern kitchen appliance gasps smoke and other clingy oil particles to keep your dining area fresh and clean.

You can’t expect it to clean air of the entire room, but it can be helpful at kitchen countertops. While using it, you have to follow some precautions to make it work to full capacity, such as, it must be installed away from air conditioners and windows to avoid strong wind flows.

Cookiray BE is a purposeful product for tabletop cooking, and it has won Red Dot Design Award in 2016. It is available in nine different designs and can be bought for approx. $520 (59,000 yen) at Innoinno online shop.   

Cookiray BE is air cleaning pendant lamp

Dimmable pendant light

Cookiray BE is air cleaning pendant lamp

Draws oil, smoke and other odors during tabletop cooking

Comes with a remote control and cover having Fibonacci sequence perforation design 


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