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Cooper cooler chills your drink in just one minute

Summer is hotter than imagined this year, and people are using various methods to keep themselves cool. But when it comes to chilling the warm beverages, people rely completely on their refrigerators and freezers.  They are useful, but can’t chill your drinks instantly. That is why you should try the Cooper Cooler, an amazing machine that can chill your drinks in just one minute.

This machine’s concept was in existence for over a decade, except it was not used widely. Recently, a YouTuber Lewis Hilsenteger has tried it in his latest video post. And after that, the instant beverage chiller got its expected response from all over the world.

The light-weight Cooper Cooler measures 15.9”H x 10.8”L x 8”W, and the machine comes in Black or Modern-Brushed Chrome finish. It comes with handy features like touchpad having preset time buttons, a no-spin option, and an add-ice light indicator, removable lid for long bottles, extra-chill setting, and automatic turn-off when chilling is done. The non-slip legs of the machine keep it still and it is being offered with 1-year warranty.

The chilling process is done through rapid spinning of warm beverages with water and ice cubes. You only have to fill water and ice in its container, and the rest is done by the Cooper Cooler. This exotic machine can cool a 12 ounce beverage can from 77 degrees to 43 degrees in one minute. The icy-cool bath of your beverage will make it ready to drink instantly. You can even use it to warm drinks by using hot water in spinning cycle.

You can chill beer cans, wine, cold drinks, soda etc. instantly with the help of Cooper Cooler. This product is 90 times faster than refrigerator, and 40 times faster than a freezer. Its compact size and instant functionality makes it a must-have product in your home this summer. Get your Cooper Cooler with black finish at $57.99 and in brushed-chrome finish in $74.80 at Amazon.

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Cooper Cooler instant beverage chiller

Get your wine bottle chilled instantly

Get your wine bottle chilled instantly

Enjoy the summer with this amazing beverage chilling machine

Enjoy the summer with this amazing beverage chilling machine

A big container and dialpad for controlling it

A big container and dial-pad for controlling it

Via: FoodBeast 


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