Portreath Bakery World's First Drive-through Pasty Shop

Cornwall drive-through pasty shop to serve on-the-go motorists

No one likes to stand in a queue to get their favorite food, probably that’s why the concept of drive-through restraints has become popular over the years. Due to this active restaurant concept, on-the-go travelers can get instant fast food without having to leave comfort of their car.

However, motorists in Cornwall were deprived of this active restaurant facility, until now. But the world’s first drive-through pasty shop is now open in Wilson Way, Pool, near Redruth, to serve hungry bellies of hustling customers. The eatery called Portreath Bakery is owned by Marion Symonds, who spent nearly 18 months to set up this business.

Symonds is expert in baking Cornish pasties, as she worked in bakeries from the age of 14, and even studied bakery and confectionary at the Plymouth College of Further & Higher Education. The drive-thru eatery will offer pasties and cream teas to passing by customers, who don’t want to step out of their car.

Moreover, you can even enjoy eating your pasty in a 100-seater restaurant while seating and relaxing yourself. According to Symonds, ‘it’s a dream come true’ to make customers happy and serve them a delicious snack, without making them wait too long. It’s definitely going to be a fancy retreat for active foodies.

Portreath Bakery World's First Drive-through Pasty Shop

Drive-thru pasty shop for on-the-go customers

Portreath Bakery World's First Drive-through Pasty Shop

World’s first drive-through pasty shop in Cornwall

Portreath Bakery World's First Drive-through Pasty Shop

Fresh and quality pasties are served at the restaurant

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