Cottage incense burner

Cottage incense burner releases fragrant smoke from its chimney

Fill your home with lovely aromas with this cool Cottage incense burner. The little house-shaped incense burner is handmade by Japanese artist Nobuhiro Sato. It is designed in shape of a cabin to make it a part of your living space, unlike other dull looking incense holders.

For more realistic feel, the small cottage has been designed in shape of a concrete building with front entryway steps, main door, three tiny windows and chimney. The miniature house comes to life when a burning incense stick is placed inside the chimney for realistic effect.

Outer concrete structure of the little house can be removed to fix incense stick on the holder. After that you can again set the structure back to its position. The chimney fixed on the rooftop releases fragrant smoke, while making this cabin appear like it’s inhabited.

Besides making your home smell nice, this incense holder doubles up as a home decor object. It can be placed on your coffee table, end table, bedside table, or any other place in your house. This playful accessory will surely become a conversational piece in your living space. It’s likely to impress your guests through its aesthetics as well as functionality.

Buy: $59

Cottage incense burner

Cottage-shaped incense burner

Cottage incense burner

Designed by Japanese artist Nobuhiro Sato

Cottage incense burner

It doubles up as a home decor object

Cottage incense burner

Outer concrete structure can be removed to place incense stick inside

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