couch arm wrap

Couch arm wrap, a space saving alternative to coffee tables

couch arm wrap

The coffee tables that come in enormous styles and design might fascinate you, but, if you have a very small living room, you would have to drop the idea of placing a fancy coffee table as it occupies a large portion of your living room. Blisscraft&Brazen brings to you the ‘couch arm wrap’, which is a great alternative to big coffee tables and perfect for your small apartment. This arm wrap can be beautifully adjusted onto the armrest of any sofa. Wood arm wraps, although simple look at, are sophisticated to use and can be customized according to the dimensions of your couch, arm chair or ottoman’s arm rest.

Originally solid wood has been used to make the Couch arm wrap but you can get a customized one made with the wood of your choice. You can select from walnut, cherry, bamboo, maple, birch, oak or pine wood to make this arm rest. No metal fasteners are used for creating the couch arm wrap so you can be sure of the safety of the upholstery of your sofa. Natural and non-toxic varnish is used to give it an eco-finishing style. With a couch arm rest you wont have play the balancing game (trying to rest the glass of drink on the arm of the couch) while watching TV.

couch arm wrap 1

couch arm wrap 2

couch arm wrap 4

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